Creative Curriculum

At Sharnbrook Primary, we use the Creative Curriculum approach, particularly in KS1, which aims to make teaching and learning fun. The project activities are practical and involve working together as well as giving opportunities for independent work. Tasks are open-ended with a mixture of research and recording activities.

Through the chosen project we ensure that we teach and develop the core skills of Foundation Subjects.
Each half term the class teachers choose projects which will engage and energize the children. Some of the projects are History, Geography, Science, Design Technology based; Music, Art and Literacy topics are linked into the projects where possible. Sometimes, some of the lessons become “stand alone" lessons in order to cover all the attainment targets from the National Curriculum.

We send parents a letter at the beginning of each project explaining in detail what the children will be learning in the project and what support can be given at home. Please see the main curriculum page for details of projects covered in each year.

The staff continuously look at ways to enhance our current provision, to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum and to meet the interests of each cohort. 

Classes aim to give each topic a “Stunning Start”. Some of these have been:

  • A visit by a medieval knight;
  • A trip to a Castle;
  • A trip to Cadbury’s World;
  • Visits from Anglo Saxons;
  • A treasure hunt;
  • A giant egg being discovered in the nature area;
  • A trip to the Natural History Museum
  • A visit by an aeroplane pilot.

At the end of the project (usually at the half term) we celebrate learning with a "Fabulous Finish". These have included:

  • A medieval banquet;
  • A 1970’s party;
  • A trip to the Space Centre;
  • VE Day;
  • Pizza making at a local restaurant;
  • A bonfire;
  • Ice-cream making;
  • Fireworks.