Design Technology

Lead teacher - Mrs Leach

In Design Technology, pupils learn skills, understand concepts and gain knowledge that will help them to live in a modern technological world. They use and develop their skills in using a range of tools and equipment with a variety of materials. They learn to plan and present their work through drawing, jottings, computer programmes and modelling in both 2D and 3D.

Children also learn about design through the study of other designers and support each other with techniques through peer evaluation. Within D.T. children also develop their knowledge of Food Technology. Children will be involved in a variety of:

  • Focused, practical tasks,
  • Design and make tasks
  • Nutrition and safety tasks  

The purpose of Design Technology is to enable pupils to be inventive in designing practical solutions to problems and so bring about change and improvements in existing situations. In Design Technology ideas are conceived, developed, modified and given shape through artefacts, through which original ideas can be evaluated.

The pupils will develop and reinforce skills and concepts needed for:

  • Study of materials such as paper, thick card and fabric
  • Cutting and joining techniques
  • Projects, based on the National Curriculum programme
  • Skills involving a small range of hand tools

Safety is emphasised and pupils are taught the correct use of tools.

Here are pictures of pencil cases that some of our KS2 pupils have made:

Pencil case 4 Pencil case 3

Pencil case 2 Pencil case 1

And these are pictures of solar system sewing that that some KS2 pupils have done:

DT Sew2 DT Sew1


Threading in Robins- Reception class.

DSCN4811             DSCN4810


Ks2 bridges - exploring designs and strength.

DT Bridge2 DT Bridge1

Photographs of some KS1 pupils displaying their DT projects:

KS1 4 KS1 3KS1 2 KS1 1


Penguins' Design Technology.  Designing and making model cars.


DSC00094    DSC00092



Budding Builders!


DSC00091          DSC00089 


DSC00086 DSC00085

DSC00084 DSC00083