What a wonderful experience we’ve had this year!

Pupils in Y5 and Y6 in Sharnbrook Primary twinned with a Spanish and a French school and we were overjoyed to take the language learning one step further. Our pupils have made new friends, learnt about foreign traditions and communicated with their penpals in their native language.

Thank you to Amparo in Escuela Profesional La Salle (Valencia, Spain) and Alain in Coussac-Bonneval École (Limoges, France) for their commitment and friendliness. Despite the Covid restrictions in all three countries, several lockdowns and unusual routines, we have managed to have a vast exchange of letters, videos, posters and pictures.

I am very proud of our students for showing great interest in our Twinning projects and for making it possible. Your enthusiasm and hard work has been exemplary.

Here are some of the things we’ve shared with our Twinned Schools this year. Enjoy!



Intro Coussac fotos


We first received this poster from Alain, the teacher leading the project in Coussac. Look at the letters from some of the French children, too:

Intro Coussac 1Intro Coussac 2


Letter Nov.1


Letter Nov.2


Lettre Nov.3


Our Swans in Year 5 then replied with very impressive French:

Letter UK Nov.1

Letter UK Nov.2

Letter UK Nov.3

At Christmas time, we sent each other labelled drawings highlighting our festive traditions:





In our following letter exchange, we described ourselves and our families as well as telling our French penpals that we were doing online learning, during lockdown:

letter UK Feb.3

Letter UK Feb.4

Letter UKFeb.2

Letter UK Feb.1 

 In our last exchange with our French school, we described our daily routines and compared one country to the other:

May routine pic2




Intro La Salle1

Intro La Salle2


We first sent a video introducing ourselves and showing the grounds of our school. It was very interesting to see the video of Escuela Profesional La Salle, where pupils showed us their classrooms, communal areas and the playground.

VIdeo Sharn2

Video Sharn1

In our first letter exchange, we wrote about ourselves, our families, likes and dislikes. This was just after having done a couple of months of Spanish learning so it was a big challenge! Our Eagles did fantastically! Our Spanish penpals also sent us letters in English:

Carta Sharn4

Carta Sharn3

Carta Sharn2

Carta Sharn1

Carta LaSalle1

For Christmas, both sets of schools sent labelled posters describing our traditions:

Collection of Posters from our Y6s:

 Posters Sharn Navidad

Some posters from our Spanish penpals:

poster navidad3

poster navidad2


poster navidad1


In the New Year, we sent our penpals a description of ourselves in Spanish and our friends from La Salle sent us a few letters in Spanish, too - so that we could read real Spanish!

These first letters are from pupils in La Salle:

Carta LaSalle esp3


Carta LaSalle esp2


Carta lasalle esp1

These are some of the letters from our Eagles in Year 6. Great effort!

carta descripcion sharnbrook3

carta descripcion sharnbrook2

Carta descripcion Sharnbrook1 

 Finally, we told each other about places of interest near us or UK landmarks that our penpals would like to visit:




Our Spanish penpals sent us videos instead. Most of them told us about the Tower of Paterna, dating from the XI century, the very famous Caves in La Cova Gran and the Ceramics/Pottery museum in their hometown:

foto video4

Foto video3

Foto video2

Foto video1


Thank you all for making these Twinnings so enjoyable!