Lead teacher - Mrs M M Headley

At Sharnbrook Primary we aim to foster children’s love and appreciation of a wide range of music from different times and places. To develop an ability to create, improve, record and perform their own and others musical works with confidence and enjoyment.

In Music, children are taught the skills of listening, singing, reflecting, evaluating, composing and notating as they move up through the school. The emphasis is very much on enjoyment and active participation. The school has peripatetic teaching for a variety of instruments such as violin, cello, flute, guitar, keyboard, piano, and clarinet. This means that children can follow lessons from professional music teachers on these instruments; these are paid for separately.

The school takes part in the Sing On programme every year which gives the children the opportunity to perform to a larger audience. There are a variety of other opportunities to perform, including Harvest Festivals, class assemblies, Christmas performances and within class to their peers. Children perform set pieces as well as their own compositions.

Mrs. Headley, our music subject leader, supplements learning with a wide variety of other musical experiences during the weekly music assembly.

We also purchase specialist music visitors, whole class instrumental lessons and instrument demonstrations.

The Philharmonia Orchestra came to visit our school on Wednesday 4th March and gave some solo and duet recitals with a flute and a harp to years 2, 3 & 4. They also demonstrated their instruments and gave introductions to each piece.


Here are a year 3 and a year 5 pupil playing their instruments in music assembly.

JD piano playing 1 JD piano playing 2 Music Assembly

Here are some photos of the school band performing with Mr Knight in the Friday Celebration assembly.


And here are some of our year 4 pupils playing the JSax at the Play Day Concert at Kings house.

playday 19 8 playday 19 6IMG 7640 IMG 7637


Drums and science 49 Music

Music 2a Music 1aMusic 4 Music 3

Here is a photo of some of our children with Mrs Headley and Mr Messenger (a governor), attending the Music Mark ceremony.

Music Mark