Religious Education

Lead teacher - Mrs Richardson

Intent: To educate pupils to enter the adult world with the knowledge and skills to respect the beliefs of others as they live in a diverse and ever changing society.

In Religious Education we use the Bedfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2018 -2023). The aim of RE is to contribute to the development of pupils as individuals and members of society by fostering a reflective approach to life and developing an understanding of the experiences, attitudes, beliefs and religious practices. We teach the children about religions and help them to learn from religions. To facilitate teaching we use artefacts, film, art and music, welcome visitors from different faith communities and arrange visits to places of worship. We aim to foster a positive attitude towards others, respecting their rights to hold different beliefs.

Parents can choose to exercise their right to withdraw their children from R.E. lessons.

The assembly plan supports learning about the major religions and other cultures as we explore our themes, as well as learning about values and locally relevant content. We also set time aside in assembly to ensure an act of collective Christian worship, which is a legal requirement.

On a Tuesday we invite people from the local community to lead the assembly. This is often based on the value of the month.

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