Intent: We want our children to develop curiosity, questioning how and why things happen. We hope to make science relevant and exciting to our children, creating experiences from the local community with real life contexts.

Lead teacher - Mrs Wildman

Wildlife Trust 30 Days Wild

During the month of June we would like to encourage our children and families to spend more time outdoors exploring nature. In doing so we will be supporting the Youth Forum for the Wildlife Trust - 30 Day Wild. Please see the tabs on the science page for ideas. We will also be completing challenges in school throughout June. Please send photos, or the children can draw or write about what challenges they have completed, alternatively you could download and complete the wallchart. Anything goes!


Have a great half term and BE WILD!!


Children have a natural curiosity about the world in which they live and enjoy conducting experiments. In Science, pupils are encouraged to explore, observe, design ‘fair tests’, hypothesize, predict and carry out investigations, record and interpret their findings and draw conclusions. 

Throughout Key Stage 1 children learn about life processes and living things, seasonal changes materials and their properties. They are able to use and develop their skills of scientific enquiry to enable them to broaden their own understanding and answer challenging questions. Science projects are sometimes linked to our creative curriculum.

The principal focus of science teaching in Key Stage 2 is to enable pupils to broaden their scientific view of the world around them. The programme of study requires pupils to be taught to work scientifically as they learn about plants, animals and humans, rocks. light, forces and magnets, states of matter, sound and electricity.

Year 4 have made some super models of the digestive system:

IMG 138IMG 0134

Year 3 and 4 Science Day based on the wonderful story Star in a Jar by Sarah Massini  July 2021

 Listen to the story here:

IMG 448IMG 0367IMG 0641

Year 4 have made models of their teeth September 2021


IMG 0659IMG 0952 3

IMG 0221 DSC00403 

Plant experiment 5  DSC00404

Pupils have developed the wildlife area at the side of the school field. We have established a pond and parents built a bridge and pond dipping platform.

There is also an outside classroom which is used as a quiet area.

Every year during the spring term the Year 1 children incubate eggs and them watch them hatch in their classroom.

chicks  chicks 3  chicks 2

Our Year 6 pupils did an investigation into what the best conditions are for growing mould. See the results below!

Mould5 Mould4 Mould3 Mould2 Mould1