Home learning: Week beginning 6th July 2020


I am looking forward to our Zoom lessons this week. Please, check your emails or the Modern Foreign Languages page for details. 

Year 3, Kingfishers: this week, we are expanding your knowledge of 'Alphabet and sounds' as well as your vocabulary about 'Animals'.

Revise what we learnt last week by playing different games on this website: I have also uploaded a document called 'Farm Animals' where you can see the translations, phonetic notes and pictures of the animals we learnt. Have a go at reading them by doing the right sounds for the oi, ch and ou graphemes.

The following video teaches you new animal words. Watch it and repeat every new word that you hear We will be describing animals by their size and colour, too. Enjoy!


Year 4, Owls: we will be finishing our topic 'L'école en France' this week. A special guest will be joining us for part of our lesson this week and he/she will be answering questions you may have about French schools.

Your work this week is to think about what we have learnt about schools in France so far and write two questions about French schools, children in France, subjects in French schools, questions about the facts that we shared,...anything that comes to your mind. Let's make the most of having a French person joining us! Please, send me your questions by email before our lesson. Merci!

I am leaving School Subjects and Places Around School up on our website for you to revise them.


Year 5, Swans: 'L'école en France' is a very exciting topic and you did fantastically well at guessing what things happen in a French school! You learnt various curious facts about the French school system in order to understand a bit better why they do things differently. There is more to come this week:

a) School subjects: scroll down to do 'French school subjects'. Use your detective skills to match subjects in French to their English translation. If you are not sure, you can use to translate words, but I advise you to do that as a last resort. I think you should do the ones that you know first, the most similar ones to English. Then, try to match the most difficult ones and I am sure you will do really well! Follow the instructions on 'French school subjects'.

There is a fun game you can have a go at If you choose the "whack-a-mole", let me know what level you get to - level 1 is too easy! You can try "True or False" as well (on the right hand side of the webpage), saying 'True' for those words which are school subjects and 'False' for those which aren't. Enjoy!

b) Have another look at 'Places around school'.



Madame Gregori


French Introduction

In lower Key Stage 2 French teaching is designed so that more emphasis is put into speaking and listening skills. The learning is dynamic, natural and based on role-play and conversation. Sources such as songs, rhymes and games are the key to make the learning fun and effective.

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 develop a more grounded understanding of the language and the focus is spread amongst the four areas of language learning: speaking, listening, writing and reading.