Bonjour et bienvenue, (Hello and welcome,)

What a good start to our French lessons this year! Pupils have been very motivated with our practical lessons, with music, speaking, writing, listening and some reading, too.

It is fantastic news to announce that our Year 5 pupils have a Twinning with French School Coussac-Bonneval. Please scroll down to open the explanatory letter about the Twinning, which has also gone out in your children's school bags.

Kind regards,

Mrs Gregori

French introduction

In lower Key Stage 2 French teaching is designed so that more emphasis is put into speaking and listening skills. The learning is dynamic, natural and based on role-play and conversation. Sources such as songs, rhymes and games are the key to make the learning fun and effective.

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 develop a more grounded understanding of the language and the focus is spread amongst the four areas of language learning: speaking, listening, writing and reading.


Our classroom displays

French posters and Twinning pictures in Y5 - Swans:





French cultural posters in Y4 - Owls: