24th January 2021

Please print the Knowledge Organiser at the bottom of the page if your children haven't managed to keep their notes from our January lessons. From now on, I expect them to keep track of all we do in their Spanish Books. These will be outside school, by the gate, until Wednesday. Please, get in touch if they've been taken inside due to the weather and we will do all we can to provide you with your children's book.

Thank you.


Spanish Introduction

In Spanish, the teaching focuses on speech and listening skills to begin with. Our students in Y6 learn to make connections with previously learnt French language and, in fact, those similarities help their learning process. The delivery of our Spanish lessons are in the target language and students are encouraged to have conversations, play games and do role-play during the first term. Students are exposed to simple pieces of written material, too.

In the second term, we apply that knowledge by writing simple sentences and short texts, by making short presentations and being able to ask people questions about different topics. The third term gives students a chance to consolidate their knowledge, expand on what they already know and help them become confident speakers.