Physical Education

Virtual School Games Activity Programme - Spring Term 2021

Team Beds & Luton are running three different virtual PE activities this term as part of their Virtual School Games Programme.

These are:

Activity 1: The Fitness 5 Challenge (This is a personal best challenge - all pupils to do)
Activity 2: The Dance Challenge (This is purely a participation event - optional)
Activity 3: The Basketball Competition (This is an inter school competition - optional)

Please click here for more information on these activities and then visit the Team Beds & Luton website at

** All pupils are required to do The Fitness 5 Challenge, whilst the other activities are optional.

Here is a link with more details about the Fitness 5 Challenge.

Bronze, silver and gold certificates will be awarded to schools at the end of this term and the more pupils who take part the more chance we have of achieving gold. So it's all about teamwork!!

*** Good luck everybody!! ***


Below are some links to various websites which have useful ideas for doing PE with your child at home:

Cricket Activity - Chance to shine - Live session

P.E. Activities 1 (The Power of PE)

P.E. Activities 2 (PE at Home)

P.E Activities 3 (Various)

P.E Activities 4 (Various)

P.E Activities 5 (Youth Sport Trust - Sport week)

Virtual Award

Great news!!! - We were awarded the Physical Education Virtual Competitions Badge & Certificate for Summer 2020

Strictly Come Catching

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                                                                                           PE Intent

All pupils will have a positive and passionate attitude towards physical activity, being lifelong advocates, knowing its importance for a healthy lifestyle.
To be physically literate, so that pupils can apply their physical skills to a wide variety of activities throughout their lives.
To be able to work in a variety of team situations, showing cooperation, communication, determination, resilience, leadership, the ability to evaluate and improve and most importantly to have fun!

In Physical Education our sport education demonstrates our commitment to healthy lifestyles which has had an impact on the learning of the children. Children take part in gymnastics, dance, athletics, outdoor adventure activities and team games throughout the academic year. Lessons take part both outdoors and indoors and we are able to use our large grounds to further extend the teaching of the P.E. curriculum.

Children in Key Stage 2 also have the opportunity to go swimming. See our swimming and water safety document below for full details.

Children from Years 1 - 6 are also involved in team competitive events throughout the year with other primary schools.

Every year Preschool and the rest of the school each hold sports days to showcase some of the skills and techniques they have learnt in P.E. lessons.

Each year we employ specialist teachers to provide additional sporting opportunities for all the pupils, for example basketball, gym, dance, tennis and football. We also employ a P.E. specialist and a P.E. assistant for 1 1/2 days each week to teach each class.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 there will be no outside coaches / providers or external inter school competitions during the Autumn term 2020.

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