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Welcome back!

Please also go to the Covid-19 page on the school website to see more videos on coming back to school.


Week beginning 29th June ‘20

Dear Doves

Hope you are all well. You completed some super work last week – well done!

Now that we are back in the classroom the website home learning activities are slightly different.

For those children coming into school:

- You do not need to complete a daily Maths and English activity on your days in school since these will be covered in school.
- You do need to complete the Maths and English activities on your day at home so you are familiar with the topics and stories and are prepared for your time in school.

For those children not returning to school:
- You should continue to complete the Maths and English daily since aspects of these may be covered in zoom sessions and it is important you are familiar with the topics & stories.


In school we will focus on alternate pronunciations of: i [tin / mind]; o [hot / gold]; g [gas / ginger]; c [cat / cell] and u [but / unit] so please practise these at home throughout the week.  The following game will help with this week's phonics
We will also practise reading the Yr1 common exception words in school.


In school we will practise joined handwriting so continue to encourage your child to use this in their writing at home throughout the week.


Continue reading aloud daily. You can access ebooks on Oxford Owl by clicking on the ‘my class login’ button. Our class username is: 1doves and our password is: books

 Splish, Splash, Splosh Activities

All, or a selection, of these activities should be completed by all children during the week.

This week we are learning about the UK. What do you already know about it? Can you locate it on the map? What continent is it part of? What countries make up the UK? Do you know the capitals of the 4 countries in the UK? What seas surround the UK? Watch the following videos and play the games to learn about the UK

Activity 1 – Imagine you travelled with Uncle Bob around the UK. Write 2 interesting facts you discovered about each of the 4 countries you visited.

Activity 2 - Using the attached map name the 4 countries that make up the UK. Add the names of the 4 capital cities. Challenge yourself to find out the names of the surrounding seas. You choose whether you complete the 1* or 3* map.

Activity 3 – Research the name and colours of the UK flag. Then colour in the attached flag template.

 Music - This week continue to follow the activities in Episode 5 of the BBC’s Sun, Sea & Song Programme.

Activity 4 – Learn ‘A sailor went to sea, sea, sea’. What actions can you add to improve your performance?Science - This week we will continue learning about ‘Everyday Materials’ and their properties.

Investigation 1 – Create a rainbow collage by collecting coloured materials from your home or garden. Add labels to all the materials you found. Which materials are natural? Remember to photograph your finished rainbow.

Watch out, you might get wet!
Investigation 2 - Useless Umbrella – Help Cosmic and Gem find the best material to mend Aunt Stella’s umbrella. How will you record your findings?

Purple Mash

Wow - you have created some fantastic paintings of your homes this week! Check Purple Mash for this week’s new 2do activities.

Remember to email photos showing a selection of your child’s work to Dr O’Connor and Mrs K by lunchtime on Thursday 2nd July.

 Have a super week

 Mrs K, Mrs Manning and Dr O'Connor





Week beginning 1st June 2020

Hello Doves, 

I thought I should send through some up to date pictures of our chicks, look how much they have grown!

It seems we have a boy chick which is called a cockrell and a girl chick which is called a hen.

The cockrell is called Kevin and the hen is called Peggy, which were named by some of the Doves children. I think their names really suit them. Kevin and Peggy are still staying indoors at night time, but are really enjoying being in the garden during the day.

I will send some more photographs over the coming weeks.


Take care of yourselves.

Mrs K, Dr O'Connor and Mrs Manning





Social, emotional and well- being resources:
Dear Parents, please try out some of the well- being resources I have put on the website. To access these resources please click on Parents, then Emotional, Social and Well- being. There you will find lots of useful resources in all three sections. Look in the ' ELSA' section for fun activities such as: The photo challenge, Sunshine and April Calendar and many more!
Physical Activity:
To celebrate all the fantastic different ways you are keeping yourselves active we would like to create a Power Point of photographs to put on our school Website.
If you would like to be part of our celebration of 'Family Fitness Fun!' please email photos to
I can't wait to see all the amazing activities you have been doing!
Thanks from Mrs Wildman
Elaine Wildman

Special Needs Coordinator at Sharnbrook Primary