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Teacher: Mrs Wildman (SENDCO@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk) Mrs Meyer (Mondays) EMeyer@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Stock and Miss Cummings

Please scroll down to find a useful 'Reading sheet' with lots of example questions to help you when you hear your child read. We have given a paper copy to bring home too.

If you want to log into Epic this is the link: https://www.getepic.com/sign-in      Then enter the class code qrw6006 in the student code box. Enjoy! 

Autumn 2 Week 3 - Dear Outstanding Owls,

Thank you for such a lovely week, we are really enjoying teaching you.

This week's key teaching points:

Literacy - You wrote some great stories, and your dairy extracts were great too. Practise spelling which  (when using it as a conjunction,) lots of you are using witch, (this witch has a broomstick!) 

Also, practise spelling words, that when adding a suffix you  need to double the consonant - big - bigger, skip - skipping, hop - hopped. Remember you double the consonant when you there is a single short vowel sound, followed by one consonant - hop. 

Continue to try to develop a simple sentence by using a fronted adverbial and a conjunction such as who, which or that and an adverb. For example: Deep down towards the ocean seabed, a tiny sea dragon which was tangled in seaweed, whimpered quietly. Next try to change the order of the words in the sentence.

Mathematics: We had the best week of maths, so far! Do some of these calculations to show how competent you are at using the multiplication grid method: 23 x 6  45 x 9   72 x 6

Please continue to practise  your times tables and corresponding division facts. You need to have have rapid recall of all of these facts, especially as we move onto division of 2 digit numbers.

History: Follow the link to watch these horrible history clips, in order to get a deeper understanding of what the Vikings were really like.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qSkaAwKMD4   


Remember we have an exciting day on Wednesday, when we have a virtual workshop on the Vikings from the Greenwich Museum. We are very excited!

Science: Demonstrate how the sound vibrates up the string to your ear when you tap a spoon or fork. Explain which material (wooden, plastic, metal) produces the loudest sound and why.

Physical Activity: We have been completing some skipping challenges. How many skips can you do in 30 seconds? Can you skip backwards and can you do the cross over? Please make sure you get outside as much as possible and get moving! Obviously making sure you are following the lockdown rules.

Remember Outside and offline! 

Reading: Please remember we are changing our reading routine. You are now only going to have one book that comes between home and school. We will be writing in your reading records, so please bring these in everyday. We will still be checking them on a Friday. We will make sure we will spray our hands before and after touching the reading records.

Please see Andy Shepherd'S  video message. We really can't wait for the 7th January for her new book, especially now we have had a sneaky preview! the link to the message is below:


Our class reader is  'How to train a dragon.'

  Class Awards 

Responsibility award goes to Emily
Class Trophy goes to Felix


Science: Create a title page for 'Sound.' Make sure you include at least 4 facts and some pictures. Due in by Wednesday 11th November. NOW OVER DUE

 History: Create a title page for The Vikings.' Make sure you include at least 4 facts and some pictures. Due in by Wednesday 11th November. NOW OVER DUE

Reading for at least 30 minutes a day, 10 minutes to an adult. Get whoever hears you read to write in the daily reading record daily and initial or sign it. On Fridays we will look at the reading records to celebrate all the reading that is taking place.

Daily TTR, we have also added 144 practice sheets to the files.

Use Hit the button to practise quick recall of number bonds to 100

Spelling shed and look cover write check sheet. - Your login in is your Reading records, please ask Mrs Meyer if you have any difficulties logging on.



Letter from Mrs Wildman & Mrs Meyer (click here)

Animals including humans - Knowledge Planner (click here)

Vikings - Knowledge planner (click here)