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Teacher: Mrs Wildman (SENDCO@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk) Mrs Meyer (Mondays) EMeyer@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Stock and Miss Cummings

Please scroll down to find a useful 'Reading sheet' with lots of example questions to help you when you hear your child read. We have given a paper copy to bring home too.

If you want to log into Epic to read more of the Weird food facts or digestion - this is the link: https://www.getepic.com/sign-in      Then enter the class code qrw6006 in the student code box. Enjoy! 

Week 3 Dear Owls,

Wow! Owls you just keep getting better and better! Great information writing about your imaginary plant and as for your maths! The most pleasing aspect of last week was your cooperation. You demonstrated this so well in our Physical Education lesson, when you worked so well together to play mini games, it was such fun!
Key teaching points:
Explain to a member of your family, this key vocabulary: grim, vandal, origin, native, common, annual deciduous (remember to find an example for deciduous!)
Key spellings: its for belonging. Its leaves are vivid green. Mysterious, leaf – leaves.
Maths – Try this type of number sentence – 4562- 40=    3789-600=     2865-904=    2769+50=    3745+401 =
Use your knowledge of place value to help you. Can you make up some more, how tricky can you make them?
Science – Look on the back of packets to find out the amount of carbohydrates, fat and protein . I am still shocked that a McDonald’s milk shake has so many calories!
Emotions: Talk to a member of your family about the types of emotions you can have. What do they feel like for you?
Physical Education- Practise your throwing and catching. How many can you do in 1 minute?
Class Awards 

Resilience award goes to Isabel
Class Trophy goes to Ben


Find an example of a deciduous tree.

On Thursday (1.10.2020) it is World Poetry Day. Please discuss your favourite poem and remember its title. We will be sharing these poems in class.

Reading for at least 30 minutes a day, 10 minutes to an adult. Get whoever hears you read to write in the daily reading record daily and initial or sign it. On Fridays we will look at the reading records to celebrate all the reading that is taking place.
Daily TTR

Spelling shed and look cover write check sheet. - Your login in is your Reading records, plaese ask Mrs Meyer if you have any difficulties logging on.

RE – Homework: Create a title page entitled FESTIVALS – Research what types of festivals there are. Write at least 4 facts about them and add some pictures.

Due in by 5th October. Please put it in the homework tray.


Letter from Mrs Wildman & Mrs Meyer (click here)

Animals including humans - Knowledge Planner (click here)

Vikings - Knowledge planner (click here)