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Dear Parents,

While our learning has to be remote we understand that it is not always possible to attend all the Zoom session. Please attend those you can and do not worry about those you can't.

We are the Year 5 class team:

Mrs Leach – Class Teacher

Mrs Wood – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Coles – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Stears - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Adair - Teaching Assistant

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For SEND contact Mrs Wildman



Yr 5


 Epic! Books for Kids

The school have signed up to Epic! Books for Kids which provide a wide range of digital books for children to explore, for free!  Click here to login using the Swans' Class Code pvr1561 and enjoy books and videos related to our science studies of Space.  


All pupils should be doing 15-20 minutes of daily reading, this needs to be recorded by the pupils in their reading diary and signed by an adult at the end of each week.  The children seem to be really enjoying using Spelling Shed, regular practise is key, along with using the 'Look-Cover-Write-Check' sheets which are sent home; spellings are tested on a Monday.  Children should be regularly using TTRockstars to keep their timetables skills sharp.  Purple Mash activities may also be set, along with other tasks to support classroom work.


Use this link for an excellent animation of The Jabberwocky by Craufurd.  

For five excellent fun games to enhance and develop your vocabulary please click here.  Choose between:

Synonym Stars - Synonym Stars is a fast-paced word matching game where players need to quickly identify words with the same or similar meaning.

World Of Worlds - Match the key vocabulary to essential environments of the ever-growing World of Words!

Magic Verbs - a fun storytelling game where players verb choices change how the story happens and how the story feels.

Sentence Samurai - a comprehensive sentence modelling tool for the whole school. Learn how to elaborate sentences by focusing on words and phrases that can be changed or enhanced!

Vocab Lab - Use the Vocab Lab to analyse the DNA of words! Can you identify the correct ingredients that make up each word?


Lessons on our current topic of Materials and Separating Materials can be found here.  These lessons will supplement our whole class zoom lessons.

Please click on these links to see Sophia's science experiment showing a saturated solution crystallising.  Number 1   Number 2

Click on the link below to see Hollie's science experiment of separating a saturated solution:



It is really important to maintain you fitness levels - you should be completing at least 2 hours of physical activity each week.  A link to 'PE with Jo Wicks' can be found here.  For some home based football ideas on staying active from MK Dons please follow this link.  

If you are looking for further inspirational ideas for getting active and away from the computer screen then click here.  Alternatively, you could look on our own school website - just click on this link


For supplementary lessons linked to our geographical studies on North and South America please use this link.  Click here


Whilst we are in lockdown, for some excellent art lessons please click here:  Draw with Rob 

Click here to see an amazing stop go animation about Henry VIII's wives, by Craufurd.


Spring Curriculum.

For the first half term in science we will be learning about ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’. We will carry out a variety of scientific enquiries to understand the differences between a variety of materials and how materials can be mixed and dissolved, and reversibly and irreversibly changed.  In the second half of the term we will be learning about plants.  

In history we will be learning about one of the most famous royal families in British history. We will explore how the Tudors came to power at the Battle of Bosworth and learn the Tudor family tree. We will find out about life in Britain during the Tudor period, exploring everything from questionable medical practices to the difference between the lives of rich and poor children. We will of course explore the famous story of the six wives of Henry VIII; whether they died, were executed, divorced or whether they lived to tell the tale. We will also learn about Henry VIII himself – what he was like, his character, temperament and appearance – and what his motivations behind each marriage were.

Our geography work will initially link to our historical studies, we will be learning about some intrepid Tudor explorers and the new lands they discovered. We will then focus on north and south America, looking at the countries, climate, features, capital cities and time zones.

In art we will focus on printing and in DT we will be making a pop-up book for a younger child, also cooking and where our food comes from.