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News update-

Now that the government have clarified which year groups will be returning to school, we can now offer 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) to the Robins.  Mrs Fensom's 'bubble' group will come into school through the black door and be working in the school hall.  Mrs Tyler's 'bubble' group will go down to the Robin's classroom.  We will have different play times.  Please can all Robins wear their P.E. kit on a Thursday. 

Please can you send in a piece of fruit for morning snack time.

Just to confirm there are no more 'zoom' Friday sessions unless your child is staying at home and not returning to school for the four days.

Here are a few helpful videos for parents below-

What to do and help if your child doesn’t like maths.     Learning at home guide.    Supporting reading at home.

 This week

If your child is in school for the four days please look below, the work covered in school and watch a one or two of the videos each day when they return from school.  There are also some Number and creative activities.

If your child is at home please look at the work covered in school and click on the links. Also look at the videos and number activities suggested.  Thank you.

At school we will be -

Writing about the story of Meg and Mog at sea, That's not a fish and Who sank the boat? There is a link for the story of 'Meg and Mog at sea'.   Write about what happended in the story.  You can find a video of me reading the other two stories on the New Robins page on the school website. Use this sheet at home to write and re-tell the story. week-10-boats-who-sank-the-boat-writing.docx  Write  your own story about where Jack would go to next and what he would catch.

Practising writing and reading the tricky words.

Recapping our digraphs.  Especially the new ones-  'aw'  'ew'   'ure'  'ph'.

Practising the correct formation for the  'robot arm' family letters.  These are 'r', 'h', 'n', 'm', 'p' and 'b'. 

Drawing an island and looking at the styles of different trees we could draw on the island.  Adding lots of detail to our drawings. week-10-island-trree-drawing.pdf

Practising 'counting on',  'counting down',  ordering numbers, finding 1 more and 1 less , identifying how many tens and little ones are in the teen numbers, doubling numbers, recapping fractions and looking at number patterns such as counting in 2's, even numbers and counting in 10's. week-10-boats-counting-on-for-addition-washing-..pdf


 (If you are at home look back at some of the small videos on the ILD to remind your child about 1 more, 1 less, counting on and counting in 2's and 10's.)

Printing with circle shapes to make legs for an octopus ( recapping our shapes).

Drawing in detail a fish and labelling it. week-10-boats-fish-labels.docx

Painting in the style of Sharon Cummings week-10-boats-Sharon-Cummings-style.docx


Careful detailed drawing of what Mog would catch. week-10-boats-mog-caught-drawing.docx

 If you have been at school maybe watch and join in with one of these videos after school.  If you are at home try all of these: Number bonds to 10 song.

Join in counting in 5's -     Play shark attack- numbers to 50.    Ten dance partners.   Count to 100.   Recap magic 'e'  making the 'ai' sound.    Recap  'oi'  and 'oy'  sounds.  Play the ‘fill’ game which is using your number bonds to ten.

Try some activities:



make your own sea creature. week-10-sea-creature-ideas.docx

You could make your own boat from different recycled items such as tin foil, plastic trays and margarine tubs.  How many items can you get in it before it sinks!!!

 Join in with the Fractions video.

 Last week  A video all about astronauts.
Recap 'ph sound'.  An actual story from space!!!  Practising counting in tens.
Activities to support counting in tens. - Week-9-Idea-3-counting-in-tens.pdf A song to join in with about Space. - Meg and Mog on the moon story.

Order the Planets activity. week-9-order-of-the-planets-cut-and-paste-activity-sheet-ver-1.pdf

 What I know about 8. week-9-what-I-know-about-8.pdf

Watch the video on the ILD- practise counting in 2's.

Practise your number bonds to 10.  Watch the ants video on the ILD.  You can print the ants off and make up your own number stories using your knowledge of the number bonds to 10. week-9-ants-and-leaf-number-bonds-to-10.pdf


Please complete the activities below at home if your child is not returning to school. We will be covering these at school.

Writing about what you might take in a rocket.  week-9-what-would-i-take-to-space-rocket-writing-frame-.pdf

Writing about where Meg and Mog would go to next. week-9-meg-and-mog-go-to-next-story.pdf

Re-telling the story of Meg and Mog. week-9-menu-for-MEg-and-Mog-writing.pdf

At school we will be cutting and making astronauts, stars from straws and using these to print with.  Making an alien space ship, using clay and making a rocket. You could look on the internet and find different space items that you could make at home.

Reading phase 4 words using our knowledge of the digraphs. Counting on and down. Ordering numbers to 100. Counting in tens and twos.  Practising our letter formation of the 'robot arm family' ( r, h, m, n, p, b).

Week-9-Idea-1-c week-9-planet-read-and-colour-activity-sheet-ver-5.pdf ins.pdf  About the planets.

week-9-maths-emoji-coins-.pdf  Number activity.

Week-9-Idea-1-coins.pdf  Number activity.


A couple of  online stories to share with your child about worries and Covid 19 story about bear Worries.  hedgehog and tortoise keep their distance.


Please click on the links below for a Powerpoint on returning to school and a picture chart of the school day.



This is a useful video for parents to watch about supporting their child’s writing at home.


Watch the story of Duck in a truck.


Sound card -   sound-card.pdf

Old stories  

Here is a link from the NSPCC giving advice on how to talk to your children about esafety

and some useful links.


 Social, emotional and well- being resources:
Dear Parents, please try out some of the well- being resources I have put on the website. 

To access these resources please click on Parents, then Emotional, Social and Well- being.

There you will find lots of useful resources in all three sections. Look in the ' ELSA' section for

fun activities such as: The photo challenge, Sunshine and April Calendar and many more!
Physical Activity:
To celebrate all the fantastic different ways you are keeping yourselves active we would like to

create a Power Point of photographs to put on our school Website.
If you would like to be part of our celebration of 'Family Fitness Fun!' please email photos

I can't wait to see all the amazing activities you have been doing!
Thanks from Mrs Wildman
Special Needs Coordinator at Sharnbrook Primary.


Please find attached a recipe for playdough- the smooth and wonderful one is the one that I make for the

Mrs Fensom – Class Teacher
Mrs Tyler – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Smith – Teaching Assistant

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Top tips for helping your child to read-

For new parents to see how to help- say the sounds and blend to read. Oxford Owl reading site-


Information on Number work using Numicon - For free ideas to support your child to develop a Growth Mindset.
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WHen you begin to support your child in their writing please what this informative video.