New Robins (September 2020)


It is finally here! The last week of home schooling.

World Book Day is on Thursday. To celebrate this, Miss Kaplan has signed up for the 200 Minutes challenge. Please click here.

200 Million Minutes : We are taking part in the 200 Million Minutes Reading Challenge – a global reading initiative from education charity Achievement for All.Beginning on World Book Day (Thursday 4th March 2021) children and young people from early years settings, schools, colleges, parents, carers, libraries, businesses and community groups from around the world will try to collectively read for 200 million minutes! All reading counts towards our minutes: paperbacks, magazines, comics, plays, newspapers, picture books and e-books are all great and it includes independent reading, reading in groups and reading with an adult. Children and young people participating in the 200 Million Minutes Reading Challenge can note their reading time on the bookmarks which will be given out by their class teachers. Best of all, certificates will be awarded for each milestone your child reaches, and the school could even win some prizes too! There is also a competition. world-book-day-competition.pdf  The link with more information is here.  As part of celebrating World Book day there will be a story challenge every day. Can you watch the video on the ILD and guess which story I am re-telling? Have a go! On Thursday, please come to our Zoom sessions dressed up in any fancy dress outfit you like. This is to celebrate World Book Day.  You could try the scavenger hunt too! World-Book-Day-Scavenger-Hunt.pdf

And so to our final week ! Our story for this week is ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Try out the activities below:
Use a sock to make your own troll sock puppet to help re-tell the story of the three Billy goats Gruff. There are two videos below for parents to watch to give you some ideas: .
Go for a walk and see how many different types of bridges you can find. One of the challenges this week will be to make your own bridge. You could collect sticks out on a walk and use these with logs or flower pots to make a bridge outside. Use little sticks, tubes and old food containers or play constructions items like lego, to make a bridge inside. Or even use spaghetti ( this video is amazing to watch

bridge design
For writing this week: Re tell the story of the three Billy goats Gruff. week-2-billy-goat-re-tell-the-story.pdf Write a letter to the troll asking him to be the Billy goats friend. Give him ideas of games they could play together. Write some warning signs. week-2-billy-goats-warning-signs.pdf Describe your own troll ( paint , draw or collage your own trolls head). week-2v-billy-goat-describe-your-troll.pdf
Colour in your own billy goats and troll. Then use some different paper and make a bridge. Like in this picture.bridge       week-2-billy-goat-cut-and-colour-own-puppets.docx

You can then re-tell the story. Try using different ‘connective’ words to develop your storytelling. Such as ‘then’ ‘so’ ‘next’ ‘suddenly’ ‘but’ ‘because’.
Make a play dough troll face or billy goat. Create your own troll head from different collage or paint it. Write down what it looks like. Can you describe your troll? week-2-billy-goat-troll-face-to-draw.pdf
When your out and about look for different sources of water and name them ( river, stream, pond, drain, ditch, lake).
We have two new sounds for this week. The alternative spelling for the ‘ee’ sound- ‘ea’. As in bean, dream, cream. week-2-billy-goats-ea-sounds.pdf Also the trigraph ‘ear’ as in beard, fear. week-2-billy-goats-ear-dice-game.pdf Our new tricky word is ‘one’.  PLay the game of crossing the bridge.  you can say the sounds and read the words as you take steps over the bridge. You cut out the sounds and words and then take one and say the sound as you take a step over the bridge. You have to get all three Billy goats over the bridge. If you get one wrong then you get a troll face and take a step back. week-2-3-Billy-Goats-Bridge-Game.pdf

Number activities :



Extra activities:


We will be using this troll song, as the song of the week - 3mins

Try out some of these games. order numbers.
Keep practising your tricky words. tricky words.

Our final week of home teaching and Zoom lessons :)

We all look forward to seeing you back at school! 



Here is a number line.  This would be useful to print off and begin to use to support 'counting on' and 'counting down'.  week-1-Gingerbread-man-number-line-to-30.pdf

The whole school have a reading challenge for February.  Please see ours  here Robins-February-reading-challenge-2021.pdf .  See how many you can achieve.  Each challenge is worth a house point .  Let Mrs Fensom know how many you achieve!

Below are links to some of the videos that Mrs Tyler and Mrs Fensom have been using-   Jolly Phonics Grouping tens. fractions

 Keep practising the tricky words. The first set of ‘tricky words’ the children have been learning since September. By this time in the year they should know these by heart, to support their reading ( I the he she we be me to go no ). These are the tricky words we have been learning recently. ( said, was, my, you, they, are, saw [however ‘saw’ has the new ‘aw’ sound in it. So it can be sounded out). Have a look and practise these. You can use the print off sheets and make a matching game. Or write the words on paper and put them up around the house. Every time you pass them you say the word. Our new sight words are : little, like, some , come and all. Keep reading even if it is just one page a day. Enjoy sharing stories. There are some links below.

You may like to do the bottle challenge as a family over Half Term.

Stories to listen to - storytimes worrysaurus another story about the Bear family.

The following website has lots of ideas of things to do at home.

             Website with lots of ideas of things to do at home.

Here are two links about supporting children with bereavement.

There is also a good blog about coping with bereavement for children, with some helpful stories. bereavement 

Each evening I will put a new video challenge on the ILD for the next day.

 Remember to get out and about walking, climbing, running and biking!  Click on the links below for gym and yoga.  These are ideas from Mrs Wildman.  She has more activities on the P.E. page.

Gym    and  Yoga

If you would like some ideas for stories to share, Mrs Kaplan has recommended the following links-

Storytime online         

The sound card- . sound-card.pdf

 Please look at the Jolly Phonics website if you are unsure of any sounds or the link here

If you would like more information on what the children are expected to be doing at each age band please click here.  

.Five points to Welleing 

5 ways to wellbeing




 We hope you enjoy your time as a Robin!