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Welcome to the Eagles


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What we are learning

This term we will be studying: animals, including humans in science; crime and punishment in history; rivers in geography; about salvation within Christianity; and we will continue to develop our composing and performance skills in music. In maths, we will learn a number of topics to include: measures and data, and will revise multiplication and division. In English, our core texts are: Island: A story of the Galapagos, Jemmy Button and Holes which will be used to further develop the children's writing and reading skills respectively. PE days will be Tuesday and Friday. French will be taught by Madame Bentley; art and/or DT by Miss Gingell; and computing and PSHE by Mrs Davies.


20-30 minutes (minimum) of reading daily (heard reading aloud by an adult at least once a week and all reading to be recorded in the diary and signed at the end of the week by a grown up); regular practise on Spelling Shed (minimum of 3 games within the assignment area) - some of these will be tested weekly through dictation; Times Tables Rock Stars 25 minutes per week (a little and often approach is far better than doing it all in one sitting as this aids long-term memory); Rollama can be used to revise grammar and spelling (no minimum expectations until it is fully embedded within school); every half term, a high quality fact file containing a minimum of five facts for each of our science units is to be produced; plus CGP 10-minute workouts to build confidence and consolidate skills learned in class when set for maths, reading and grammar; and any other tasks as and when required, for example research.

Vocabulary Games

Five free games to enhance and develop your vocabulary are available from Vocabulary Ninja: Synonym Stars, World of Words, Magic Verbs, Sentence Samurai and Vocab Lab. Click here to be taken to the website.

144 Club

In addition to Times Tables Rock Stars, we also have the prestigious '144 Club' that the children are attempting to gain entry to. Each week they have 4 minutes to complete a paper-based multiplication grid consisting of 144 calculations; if successful they will earn themselves a specially-commissioned badge and house token. Not only are children encouraged to complete the grid but also to improve their time each week. Stars are also awarded for children who improve on their previous scores so they are only ever competing with themselves. If your child wishes to practise completing the grid at home, you will find it in the files below.

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Reading Comprehension

Added to the files is a document called 'Questions to Support your Child's Reading' which contains lots of different questions that you can use to prompt discussions about the books they are reading. In KS2, we use the acronym VIPERS to refer to each of the comprehension domains: Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explain, Retrieve and Summarise. By asking these types of questions, you will be supporting the teaching and learning taking place in school.


To encourage a love of reading, the children in Eagles can earn loyalty stamps for every book they have read. After they have read 6 books, and filled their loyalty cards, they will be entered into a prize draw to win a new book. A winner will be selected at random at the end of each half term.

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Knowledge Organisers

Please see the files below for a knowledge organiser linked to the Year 6 grammar terms that the children need to know. Other knowledge organisers will be added as required which link to the topics being covered each half term (where available). It would be really useful to download and/or print a copy for your child to refer to at home as they help to explain key concepts and topic vocabulary that they need to be familiar with. 

Miss Kaplan - Teacher (CKaplan@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk)

Mrs Nash – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Coles - Teaching Assistant