Below are links to our publicly available school policies:

(Paper copies are available on request)

Acceptable Use and Social Networking Policy

Accessibility Policy 2022

Admissions Policy Preschool 2024

Admissions Policy 2024

Anti Bullying Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Bereavement Guidelines

Charging and Remissions Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Procedure

Confidentiality Policy

Crisis Management Plan

Delegated Summary Academy

Debt Collection and Write Off Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

ECT Induction Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Expected Behaviour of Parents and Visitors

Feedback and Assessment Policy

GDPR Policy

Health & Safety

Intimate Care Guidance Policy

Key Person Preschool Policy

Looked After Child Policy

Managing Medicines in School & First Aid Policy

No Smoking Policy

Prevent Policy

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Remote Education Policy

Reserves Policy

Salary Policy

School Uniform Policy

Teacher Appraisal and Capability and Preschool Supervision Policy

Volunteer Policy

Admissions Policy 2021 Admissions Policy 2022 Admissions Policy 2023 Admissions Policy Pre school 2021 Admissions Policy Pre school 2022 Admissions Policy Pre school 2023 Assessment, Recording and Reporting policy 2019 Curriculum Statement 2022 Expected behaviour of parents and visitors policy Freedom of Information Policy 2019 Jewellery Policy 2019 Marking Policy 2021 Mobile phone Policy 2020 Peer on Peer Policy 2021 Physical Activity Policy 2021 Pupil Premium Policy 2022 Special Needs Policy 2022 Whistleblowing policy 2019