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We are the Year 5 class team:

Mrs Leach – Class Teacher

Mrs Adair - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant

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Yr 5



 Year 5

Swans Summer 2022
Weekly Events


PE: Will be held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please come dressed in your PE kits on these days. As the weather gets colder, please make sure that you wear enough layers to keep warm.

Homework will be detailed in your reading and homework diary, please remember to continue reading at home, recording your progress; along with daily completion of spellings and timetable skills on the Spelling Shed and TTRockStars websites.

Remember to make full use of Mirodo:  use the lessons to support your homework, carry out revision and to do some pre-learning skills.  

Healthy Snacks may be brought in daily to eat at morning break.

Water Bottles may be brought in each day and placed by the sink (please take home daily and refill).

Pencil Cases: All pupils should have their own stationery for lessons and will all be writing in blue pen. They will need: a blue pen, a pencil, a ruler, a rubber and a sharpener (pencil crayons and felt tips are optional)

Outdoor footwear: Remember to bring your outdoor footwear (ideally wellies), these will definitely be needed for lunchtimes.



For the first half term our English studies will focus on a classic children’s story, Stig of the Dump. We will look at the BBC’s adaptation and compare this to Clive Kings writing. In the second half of the term we will look at an animation telling the story of Lego which we will use to write a monologue and biography.

This term we will cover units on; place value, decimals, percentages and fractions, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, measures and data. We will also focus on mental arithmetic. Homework will relate to the work which has been covered in lessons.

If you need any extra support on any of the concepts we cover in maths remember to look at the lessons on Mirodo, there are lots of excellent videos to support your work.  Click here for website called MathAntics; this website can also be used to support your learning.  


For the whole term in science we will focus on ‘reproduction and how we develop’. Our studies will include coverage of puberty in addition to physical and emotional changes.

In history we will be studying The Stone Age to Iron Age. These studies will be linked to our English work on Stig of the Dump. We will also be looking at the film, Early Man together with a number of Flintstone cartoons to find anachronisms.

Our geographical studies will focus around ‘Our Local Area’. We will find out about the human and physical features of our local area including economic activity, land use, settlements and climate. We will visit different places around Sharnbrook Village in some of your geography lessons.

This term the focus will be around digital media.

This term we will be working on resistant materials.

In our religious studies we will be exploring the question; ‘What do Christians believe Jesus did to save people?’ In the second half of the term we will be thinking about how faith enables resilience.

For the first half of the term our Personal, Social and Health Education will focus on ‘Health and Wellbeing’, within this we will cover topic areas over lifestyles, drugs and keeping safe.


An hour French lesson will take place on Tuesday morning.

As always, please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything you are unsure of or require further clarification on.

Please click here to go to the Petite-Etoile French website to find the recipe to make a Galette des Rois

Mrs. Leach and the Swans' Team