Early Years represents children's first experience of school. Our curriculum starts in Preschool and prepares children for the next stage of their academic journey at Sharnbrook Primary. Our curriculum is guided by the Educational Programmes of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. We have taken into consideration the non-statutory guidance of Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters when planning our phases of learning. The village context of the school has also been explored to ensure our children receive a bespoke curriculum that will meet their needs and lay the foundations for their future learning at Sharnbrook Primary.

When designing curriculum, we used the documents listed below as a guide. 

EYFS New framework.

EYFS Development matters

We worked with subject leaders to ensure our curriculum lays firm foundations for children's ongoing study whilst also ensuring that children's earliest experience of education was active, engaging and flexible enough to follow children's natural curiosity.

Our curriculum is divided into ten core intentions.

Sharnbrook Primary EYFS Curriculum Intent 

To prepare children for year one we teach children;

1.To communicate effectively and appropriately 

2.To be a confident and independent member of the school community 

3. To understand and regulate their own feelings and express their emotions appropriately. 

4.To be active, healthy and move confidently  

5.To develop a love of stories and books  

6. To write independently about their interests 

7. To confidently explore everyday mathematical concepts

8.To begin to make sense of their place in our diverse world 

9. To investigate, appreciate and care for the natural environment  

10. To express their ideas and thoughts through art and design technology