Sharnbrook Primary Curriculum Intent

Our aim is for every child to leave Sharnbrook Primary ready for the next step in their education. On this page you can see what this means for each subject. Alongside researching our subjects and learning from experts, we have worked with Sharnbrook Academy, our local secondary school, to make sure that the aims for our children best prepare them to continue their study.

Our local context is important, we have worked with parents and local leaders to ensure that our curriculum takes advantage of the rural village community that Sharnbrook Primary has been at the heart of for over 150 years. We have also worked with schools in other counties and countries to ensure that our curriculum builds on the strengths of a village community and learns from communities and role models from a range of cultures and backgrounds across the country and across the world. 

We would encourage you to look at this page in conjunction with our values and the wide range of extracurricular activities that we offer. We want children to have a broad curriculum but also be able to specialise in areas where they feel they have talent.

The areas that we focus on most are The Arts, sport and community. Whatever your child’s interests we would like them to shine. This might be singing on the stage at Bedford Corn exchange with our music club, performing an instrument in our band, representing Sharnbrook Primary in a sporting competition, leading a House assembly, supporting residents at our local residential home or running a club for younger children. Our year 6 children are excellent examples of engaged and ambitious students who are able to talk not just about their academic achievements but also about the opportunities that they have received that will, we hope, allow them to continue their interest far beyond Primary school.

Please find all curriculum intents below:

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