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Multplication table assesment results June 2022: 25 pupils - 25/25 and 5  pupils -24/25 - Absolutely AMAZING!


22nd July 2022

Dear Parents and Owlets,
It has been lovely to spend some time with the Owlets during our transition days and getting to know them as individuals.
Next year, I will teach Owls in the mornings. Other, subject specialist staff will teach the class in the afternoons as follows:
Miss Gingell will teach Art, PE, RE, Music and DT,
Mrs. Leach will teach Geography,
Mrs. Gregori will teach French
Mrs. Davies – Computing.
Mrs. Stock and Mrs. Adair will be Owls’ Teaching assistants.


Next term’s topic is entitled ‘Delightful Dragons.’ There will be more detail on the website in early September but we just wanted to outline some of the areas of the topic we will be learning about, so that you could spend some time exploring and preparing yourselves for next term.
In history, we will be learning about the Vikings and we attach a knowledge planner with some key facts and vocabulary. In geography, we will be developing our maps skills, including learning about ordinance survey maps. This is perhaps something you could practise on walks or cycle rides, but please don’t get lost!
Our science topic is ‘Animals including humans,’ with a focus on teeth and digestion. We attach a knowledge planner, which outlines key vocabulary and facts. D.T will be making pull back cars and adapting recipes.
Mathematics will focus on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and time. Please continue to practise your timetables as often as possible; these are absolutely key for future mathematical development.
Physical activity will continue to be a key component of next year’s curriculum and we start the term with invasion skills -including Tag rugby. Then, we move onto gymnastics and dance. Please ensure your child comes to school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in PE kit. They will require warm clothes, jumpers and tracksuit bottoms / leggings need to be black. Your child will also need a waterproof coat and outdoor trainers. Most physical education lessons will take place outside, so the correct clothing is essential. You will need to leave a pair of boots or outdoor shoes in school because we will try to have playtimes on the field even when it is wet and muddy. This will enable us to make the most of our beautiful environment.
Our class reader (which we have already started,) is ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ by Andy Shepherd. We will also be enjoying many other texts including ‘How to train a dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. There are also other books by these authors that you might enjoy sharing. I have also been asked for more reading ideas, so here are a few: The Charlie Bone series, Horrid Henry (there is also an Early Reader series,) Dog Man, Bunny vs Monkey, the Tree House series. Jeremy Strong and Michael Morporgo (just check the story line because some can be quite sad and not necessary appropriate for year 4,) have also written a great deal of amazing books. Reading is essential for so many reasons, enjoyment, wellbeing, vocabulary and knowledge to name but a few.
Remember ‘We learn to read and then read to learn!
There are a few tasks we would like you to complete over the summer:
1. Regular practice of timetables - I will be checking TTR regularly. Miss Kaplan has already set a challenge between Eagles and Owls for September, so we need to be up to speed straight away! There are other websites such as: Hit the Button, Daily 10’ and Supermovers that will help your child learn their multiplication tables in a fun, interactive way.
2. Lots and lots of reading! Please sign up for this year’s reading challenge. The theme is ‘Gadgeteens. It has gone digital, but also remember that libraries are now open and worth a visit. Here is the link: https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/ We will be celebrating summer reading when children return to school in September, with lots of house points on offer! Your child has also been shown how to access Epic Reading. Please log on at https://www.getepic.com/sign-in The class sign in code is: qrw6006.There is a wide variety of interesting reading material for your child to access. It is available from 9am to 4pm on weekdays.
3. Listen, dance and sing to a variety of music, sharing your favourites in September.
4. Research and try out a variety of recipes, including some healthy eating ideas.
5. Have an absolutely lovely summer with lots of outdoor time – Remember ‘Outside and offline!
You are able to access this letter and all information regarding Owls 2022-2023 on the Owls’ web page. It will be updated weekly during term time.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. For Mrs Wildman please use either emails: sendco@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk ewildman@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk.
Miss Gingell for Art, DT, RE and PE –cgingell@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk
Mrs. Leach for Geography – sleach@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk
Mrs. Davies for Computing – ldavies@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk
Mrs. Gregori for French - lgregori-blasco@sharnbrookprimary.beds.sch.uk


Wishing you a happy summer holiday!



Thank you for encouraging your child to read daily. This is so important for both enjoyment, mental health and academic development. You learn to read and then you read to learn!

If your child can spend regular time on TTR and spelling shed this will also help them. Little and often is the key, but please don't worry if this isn't always possible, there has to be a balance. Down time, spending time with family and friends, being outside and doing physical activity are also very important.
A small task will be set on a Wednesday and this needs to be completed and returned every Wednesday.
Spelling Tests take place on Thursdays and new spellings are set on Friday.

Outdoor shoes / boots - if you have not already done so, please send in a pair of outdoor footwear in a named bag.



Arrival Time: Just a polite reminder that year 4 arrival time is 8:45am. it is important that children arrive at their allocated time to avoid cross over of bubbles and also to ensure that your child does not miss out on key work. Some children have been arriving as late as 9am. This means they have missed vital TTR practice and morning work - this consists of practice maths questions, which reinforce taught concepts.