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 29th September – Harvest Festival. We would like to support the Bedford Foodbank again this year. We will hold a whole school assembly outside to celebrate the event.

Donated items can be brought in on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and should be taken straight down to the children's classrooms.


Item that have been particularly requested are


UHT Fruit Juice
Tinned Rice Pudding
250/500g Rice
Long Life Sponge Pudding
Tinned Fruit
Tinned Tuna
Washing Up Liquid
Tin Openers


Dear Owls, what a fantastic week we have had. Thank you to every member of the class who has worked so hard.
Next week, we will be continuing to investigate the effect of plaque on our teeth. We will be using disclosure tablets to highlight our plaque and to learn the most effective way to clean our teeth and remove plaque. If for any reason you DO NOT wish for your child to use disclosure tablets, please email me before Wednesday 22nd September. Your child will be encouraged to take part but they do not have to use the disclosure tablet if they really don't want to.
Homework: Thank you for encouraging your child to read daily. Nearly every child achieved this last week. This is so important for both enjoyment, mental health and academic development. You learn to read and then you read to learn!
If your child can spend regular time on TTR and spelling shed this will also help them. Little and often is the key, but please don't worry if this isn't always possible, there has to be a balance. Down time, spending time with family and friends, being outside and doing physical activity are also very important.
A small task will be set on a Wednesday and this needs to be completed and returned every Wednesday.
Outdoor shoes / boots - if you have not already done so, please send in a pair of outdoor footwear in a named bag.

Please note that the timetable, spelling list (also attached( and lesson PDFs and Power points are available on the Owls' website.

Congratulations to Harriet for getting the Trophy and for Lauren for getting the value apple for Hard work. 

Here is a link to a recommended Booklist for year 4, there are lots of great suggestions on here:


Thank you for your continued support.
Elaine Wildman.


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 Lauren's teeth!

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Arrival Time: Just a polite reminder that year 4 arrival time is 8:45am. it is important that children arrive at their allocated time to avoid cross over of bubbles and also to ensure that your child does not miss out on key work. Some children have been arriving as late as 9am. This means they have missed vital TTR practice and morning work - this consists of practice maths questions, which reinforce taught concepts. 


Reading for at least 30 minutes a day, 10 minutes to an adult. Get whoever hears you read to write in the daily reading record daily and initial or sign it. On Fridays we will look at the reading records to celebrate all the reading that is taking place.

Daily TTR, we have also added 144 practice sheets to the files.

Topmarks Daily 10 level 4 is great for practising key skills. 

Spelling shed and look cover write check sheet. - Your login in is your Reading records


Useful Websites:

If you want to log into Epic this is the link: https://www.getepic.com/sign-in Then enter the class code qrw6006 in the student code box. Enjoy!

Here are some Super mover links:


 Fun vocabulary games: https://games.vocabularyninja.co.uk/?mc_cid=60790c68ca&mc_eid=d03234ee9e



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