New Robins (September 2023)

Robins 2023

 Mrs Davies  ( Monday morning and Friday all day) – Class Teacher

Mrs Fensom ( Monday afternoon ,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all day)-Class Teacher

Miss Martin ( Tuesday to Friday) and Mrs Hoogstraten ( Monday all day and every  morning)  - Teaching Assistants

Miss Le ( Monday) and Mrs Smart ( group work) -   Support staff

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Welcome to all our lovely Robins!

 We aim for all our children :

To communicate effectively and appropriately

To be a confident and independent member of the school community

 To understand and regulate their own feelings and express their emotions appropriately

To be active, healthy and move confidently

 To develop a love of stories and books

 To write independently about their interests

 To confidently explore everyday mathematical concepts

 To begin to make sense of their place in our diverse world

 To investigate, appreciate and care for the natural environment

 To express ideas and thoughts through art, music, and design technology




Our theme this half term is 'Growing and Changing'.


Have a look at the stories we will be using  - stories-for-web-site2.docx


Please remember  to bring: A coat, book bag and drink bottle every day. 


Remember to check the ILD (Interactive Learning Diary). This is an online service, where both the school and parents can add observations and information about your child's progress.  There are  also some short videos about our phonics and number work.    

We have a weekly newsletter sent via email every Friday. If you would prefer a paper copy, please speak to one of our team. 

At Sharnbrook Primary we follow the Little Wandle scheme for phonics.  Please click on the link below to watch how to make each of the sounds.  .   

 Link : Little Wandle   

Please remember to go through your child's Sound book and reading book with them every day- just 5 minutes of your time.

If you would like to find out more about what your child is expected to do and learn in Reception, please click here.



A reminder: 

Library is on a Thursday.  

P.E. is on a Monday and Thursday.  Please come dressed in P.E. kit on both days.

Your child can have a school dinner or packed lunch- choose on the day.

Tuesday is bikes day and Friday is woods!

Reading books are changed on a Monday and Friday.  

Please bring book bags in to school every day.  

We hope you enjoy your time as a Robin!